Application Of Air Compressor Technology Why Clean Dry Compressed Air Is Needed For Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been the most widely used laser processing technology, it is widely used in metal processing, automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, instruments and other industries.Laser cutting machine can deal with the cutting requirements of various materials and complex shapes, in addition to the need to be able to provide high energy laser, auxiliary gas is an indispensable material to complete the cutting process.

So, what is the role of the air compressor in the laser cutting process?

Laser cutting machine in processing, need to use protective gas, air is the first choice to protect gas.The laser cutting machine USES compressed air as the auxiliary gas, which has the following three functions:

1. Provide special cutting gas for cutting head;

2. Supply power air source to the cylinder of clamping table;

3. Clean the dust from the light path system.To maintain the normal operation of laser cutting machine.

Effect of compressed air quality on laser cutting quality

The quality of compressed air has a direct effect on the quality of laser cutting.The compressed air contains water mist and oil. If it is not cleaned, the high-pressure jet is sprayed on the protective mirror of the laser cutting head, which will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam and disperse the focus, resulting in product impenetrability, waste products, influence the processing effect and even damage the laser head.

Damaged laser cut metal products

Therefore, the supporting laser cutting machine compressed air system is very sensitive to the content of oil, water, no oil, no water and no dust.In fact, the biggest difficulty of the compressed air system with laser cutting machine is the drying and purifying device of compressed air.▼

Oil removal, can choose the principle of oil-free products, such as oil-free vortex, oil-free screw or micro-oil screw machine through the multi-stage filtration oil.

Water removal, need to be equipped with dryer, and dryer performance must be very superior.

For dust removal, a set of high precision filters with sufficient precision is required to fully remove oil and dust particles