Application Of Precision Laser Cutting In Aluminum Substrate Industry

Advantages and selection of laser cutting aluminum substrate

1. The advantages of laser processing laser machining belongs to no contact, no tooling costs, save costs and can reduce the material surface scratches and wear, processing speed, high precision laser machining, cutting, stitching tolerance range of plus or minus 0.02 mm, smooth section, a molding, do not need to be repeated processing, simple operation without return, processing graphics edit, import the CAD drawing.

2. Laser processing mainly adopts the CW laser and QCW laser processing is refers to the CW laser laser output is a continuous, there will not be interrupted, the output power in a constant state of QCW laser works is refers to the intervals of a certain time to work a way, also is the compression of the laser energy to a very narrow time the peak power of output would be higher.

3. The CW and QCW laser cutting in the aluminum plate comparison of continuous laser processing speed, small slot, get a lot of application on aluminum plate cutting, but the continuous laser light pattern is a continuous wave, density processing parts for a long time when heat is relatively slow, will cause the process of cutting the heat effect, thus affect the electrical conductivity, in some particularly high quality requirements of aluminum plate, continuous laser can't meet the production requirements.The output mode of pulsed laser is discontinuous, and the thermal effect on the plate is much smaller than that of the continuous laser when processing some dense parts.But two kinds of lasers in the price of continuous laser cost is relatively much cheaper than the pulse laser, if the processing volume and high quality requirements of the product can be used pulse laser, if the processing requirements are not particularly high then the continuous laser can be used.