Carbon Dioxide Laser Cutting Machine

Non-metallic common solid laser cutting machine and laser cutting field gas non-metallic laser cutting machine laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine) usually driven by laser power laser tube, through the reflection of a few mirrors, make the light transmission to the laser head, again by the focus lens laser head installation will be pooled into a little light, and this can achieve high temperature, thus the sublimation in the material as a gas, by sucking exhauster, thus achieve the goal of cutting.The main gas filled in the laser tube of the general laser cutting machine is carbon dioxide, so this laser tube becomes carbon dioxide laser tube, and the laser cutting machine using this laser tube is called carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

For years, carbon dioxide lasers have consumed resources in gas and energy in long shifts and required maintenance plans.In addition, the pulse parameters typical for this application mean that the sealed tube CO2 laser technology is not suitable.Overall, after years of substantial improvements, co2 lasers still lag behind other technologies in terms of reliability and maintenance issues.The beam quality of these lasers is subject to change during maintenance;The minimum light point size that can be achieved is also susceptible to long waves.Individually, the laser beam absorption characteristics of ceramics make this technology an influential market area for a long time.

Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

Carbon dioxide laser has become the laser of choice due to the absorbing properties of common ceramics.The energy of the pulsed CO2 laser beam is absorbed on the ceramic surface, resulting in local heating, melting and vaporization.Figure 2 shows the top view of a 0.0045-inch line in alumina, indicating the heat affected area due to local melting below the lower energy edge of the Gaussian beam energy distribution during relatively long pulses (approximately 75-300m, depending on thickness).