Composition And Maintenance Of Laser Cutting Head


Collimating component: converges the astigmatism transmitted from the optical fiber and straightens or collimates it.The collimation component also includes the collimation alignment and water cooling.

Focusing module: in this body, the collimated and parallel laser beam is focused. The focusing part of the focusing module can change the focus position to meet the needs of cutting different materials and plates of different thickness.

Protective mirror box: it is used to isolate the outside from the light path inside the cutting head, to ensure the sealing of the light path, to prevent dust and impurities from entering the light path, and to extend the service life of the fiber cutting head.

Sensor and control box: the distance between the cutting head and the workpiece surface can be kept stable and reliable for a long time to ensure the best cutting quality.

Cutting nozzle: installed in the front of the cutting head, is the laser beam and the distribution of gas exhaust m channel.The auxiliary gas flows through the inner cavity of the cutting nozzle to form a high-speed airflow.Blow away the molten material to achieve the purpose of cutting.


Dust with a brush before going to work and then clean the entire cut head with a dust-free cloth with a small amount of alcohol (please be careful not to blow with air).

Check that the light is coming out of the center of the nozzle before cutting, otherwise, re-adjust the light.

Check the roundness and cleanliness of the nozzle before cutting, and clean the nozzle.

Check whether the protective lens is clean every day. Otherwise, please clean the protective lens with isopropanol or analytical alcohol (alcohol content above 99.5%).

Check ceramic ring, SMA wire, SMA pin, preamplifier for loose and foreign matter every day, please tighten and clean.