Factors Affecting The Productivity Of Laser Cutting Machine

In almost all laser cutting services, speed is one of the most important factors to consider.Faster laser cutting machines increase productivity and are a better asset.But higher speeds often mean more expensive equipment, so many companies are finding that it's not worth it in practice.

The factors affecting the productivity of laser cutting machine are as follows:

Cutting speed - the speed of laser cutting material

Blank line velocity - the rate at which a laser head moves from one position to another

Acceleration - the time it takes the laser to achieve high cutting power

Slow down - the time required for the laser to stop or slow down

Conversion time - the time taken to transfer material from the cutting table

All these factors must be taken into account when laser cutting is actually done.In addition, the power of the laser machine will also affect its actual cutting speed.

Although cutting speed is a key factor in determining the benefits of laser cutting, other important factors, such as cutting accuracy and quality, need to be considered.