Fpc Laser Cutting Machine From Which To Start The Breakthrough

FPC undertakes the link carrier of electronic components and has been widely used in mobile electronic products, LCD screens, medical treatment, aerospace and other fields. Its characteristics of lightness, bendability and wear resistance make it active in all fields for a long time.However, any product has to go through the period of beginning, development, climax, decline and elimination. FPC products are in the region of climax and decline. Before there is no product to replace flexible board, flexibility must continue to occupy market share, innovation is necessary.

FPC flexible circuit board

FPC product innovation needs to be improved from the aspects of thickness, folding resistance, technology level and price.

Thickness: more flexible and thinner;Folding resistance: needs to withstand more than 10,000 times of folding and bending, need better substrate;Process level: Improve the process requirements of minimum distance, minimum line width and minimum hole distance to meet the requirements of large-scale circuit;Price: control the cost, develop more extensive application channels, open up new market applications.

While FPC products are being promoted, as a necessary tool for FPC laser cutting board, it also needs to adapt to new requirements for synchronous promotion.Yuanlu Optoelectronics believes that breakthroughs should be made in three aspects to ensure the competitive advantage of FPC laser cutting machine:


Ultra short pulse direction

Conventional FPC laser cutting machine USES nanosecond ultraviolet laser, which will produce slight carbonized black edge during FPC cutting. In the new application scenario of large-scale integrated circuit, carbonized particles will affect its performance under micro-circuit and cause micro-short circuit.

Ultra-short pulse 355nm picosecond ultraviolet laser cutting machine has well solved the problem of carbonized black edge in FPC cutting process. The edge is smooth and neat, with no carbonized area and carbonized particles, effectively solving the micro-short circuit problem.It should be noted that since ultra-short pulse picosecond ultraviolet laser cutting FPC products, the price of nanosecond ultraviolet FPC laser cutting machine has decreased significantly, and the cost of the same picosecond ultraviolet laser cutting machine is relatively high. In the future, the direction of ultra-short pulse laser cutting machine needs to control the cost and improve the efficiency.


Direction of automation

In order to cooperate with the development of intelligent factory, FPC laser cutting machine enterprises must also face the development of automatic supporting, not only this, from the point of view of the whole line, the design and development of the whole line supporting use, improve stability, and achieve the purpose of cost control.Automation is the trend of all walks of life, is the only way, this is a good time for enterprises to show their strength, transformation is inevitable, but also the hope of success.


The new product

FPC products are developing, but also faced with the problem of decline, FPC laser cutting machine should not become a situation of prosperity, loss.From the perspective of market research and development, a product that can replace FPC is taking shape, and FPC laser cutting machine also needs to follow the footsteps of the new generation of products and develop synchronously, starting from the front end of large-scale application and preparing for the outbreak of the industry.

FPC laser cutting machine as a tool, vigorous vitality, but also can not avoid the beginning, development, climax, decline, phase of the wheel, so we can only prolong the high tide period through innovation, also through the new product to develop new technology, so yuanlu photoelectric has been moving forward.In the next period, we will introduce an alternative FPC product's molding and laser etching processing method, welcome your attention.