How To Deal With The Smoke From Laser Cutting

Then, how to choose the right laser cutting smoke dust purifier this relates to the immediate interests of everyone, but also need to understand in detail.

The traditional pipe dust removal generally adopts the high-power fan to absorb air and install the exhaust pipe.Install a suction vent where the laser cutting produces smoke, and drain the smoke out through a pipe.

The advantage is low cost, the disadvantage is that the untreated smoke is still very "powerful", the taste and pollution will not change much, easy to lead to complaints, unable to pass the EIA.Moreover, large area of exhaust ventilation is easy to lead to excessive air conditioning energy consumption, pay the electricity bill to pay the heartache.

And how does Kuper Purify deal with the smoke and dust from laser cutting?Let's take a look.

First of all, as we all know, smoke and soot pollutants can be divided into three categories:

Dust particles: including particulate matter (PM10), laser cutting, welding dust, etc.

Smoke with odor: including all kinds of smoke odor, laser marking, moxibustion smoke odor;

Small particulate matter: Mainly smaller PM2.5, pollen and other allergens that can be inhaled into the lungs.