Laser Cutting And Mechanical Cutting

Metal laser cutting and mechanical cutting are today's most popular and widely used cutting processes, and thousands of manufacturing industries use these techniques as a core part of their daily operations.The two approaches are fundamentally different, and performing the same task has its specific advantages and disadvantages.Each company has its own preferences, which depend on many factors. Some common variables include production capacity, cost efficiency, and equipment requirements.

Knowing these two cutting methods, the industry can choose the cutting equipment that best suits them.

Mechanical cutting

Mechanical cutting is the use of power driven equipment. This cutting technique can be used to shape any type of material according to expected design specifications, usually using many different types of machines, such as drill presses, lathes, and milling machines.Each machine has its own purpose: drilling machines for drilling holes, milling machines for milling workpieces, lathes for turning rotating parts.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a newer and more efficient method of cutting materials. It USES an energy transmitter to complete the cutting process. High energy density laser beam ACTS on the material area to complete the cutting process.These lasers are computer-controlled and are very precise, with very little error, to give a smooth cut face.There are different types of laser cutting machines, such as gaseous CO2, Nd: YAG and fiber laser cutting machines.

Comparison of the two

In terms of cutting results, laser cutting can get better cutting end face, which can not only cut the material, but also trim the material, so it is more ideal for enterprises or even the whole industry.Compared with mechanical cutting, the whole cutting process is very orderly and simple.

Laser cutting has no direct contact with the material, thus reducing contamination and the possibility of damaging the equipment or material.Warping of materials is a common side effect of mechanical cutting, and laser cutting is much better because it produces a less heat-affected area, which protects the equipment and material from wear or deformation.

However, there is a disadvantage of laser cutting, is the early investment cost is high, laser cutting may be an expensive venture;Mechanical cutting is much cheaper, so it is still widely used in most industries today.By weighing costs against expected results, companies can determine which approach is best for them.