Laser Cutting Machine A Variety Of Light Source Application Strength

What impression does the laser make on you?Is it the dazzling rays of a science fiction movie or the dazzling light of an animation?In reality, the laser is indeed one end of an infinite extension of the form of the ray, according to the power and the light source of the different, widely used in a variety of processing manufacturing industry, laser cutting machine said today is the application of laser ray processing of a strength of intelligent equipment.

Uv laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine with green laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, red laser cutting machine, Co2 laser cutting machine, etc., for the vast majority of large metal processing plant more chooses for optical fiber laser cutting machine, its power can do big thousands of W, the type of metal parts most applied in optical fiber and the Co2 laser cutting machine.Focusing on the processing of PCB, FPC and other circuit boards as well as precision components, We have 11 years of professional experience in the precision processing of laser cutting machine. Three kinds of light sources, including ULTRAVIOLET, green and red light, have achieved elite level, and the power can meet the needs of the processors. We can customize our own laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine are used in the first brand of components, one is to skim off the low-end brand price war environment;Second, it enhances the stability and service life of the equipment and provides basic conditions for the second sales transformation.Third, the use of high-quality components to reduce the frequency of after-sales service.In terms of price, FPC laser cutting machine beyond laser will not be more expensive than big brands, but the overall performance of the equipment is equal.

The main direction is the product integration in the subdivision field. For customers in the circuit board industry, we can cooperate with High to do the preliminary research and development, so as to form the product line development ability. Professional circuit board docking personnel can better serve customers.The positioning of the product is clear, in doing a good job in their own advantageous products, gradually improve and optimize the circuit board precision processing products and services, enhance the competitive advantage in the product field, improve the technical advantages, after-sales service advantages!