Laser Cutting Machine Commonly Used Operating System

PA8000 system

PA8000 numerical control system is an open numerical control system based on PC technology, which is specially used for high-power laser cutting machine. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision and multiple closed-loop detection.

Product Features:

◆ Make use of PA'S HMI editing software and secondary development tools to customize the special display interface and functions, and easily create the customer's own human-machine interface;

◆ PA compilation cycle technology allows you to integrate your own technology into the NC kernel;

◆ PA prereading is larger than 7200 segments per second, exceeding all CNC control systems on the market.

◆ You can freely choose the driver interface according to customers' preferences: digital PA SDI-Drive interface or analog /-10V interface;

◆ All common I/O bus systems can pass PCI interface CARDS;

◆ 48 digital input points that can be used by PLC;

◆ 32 digital input points that can be used by PLC digital output;

◆ Four axis control channels.

BaiChu system

Beichu system is a famous brand in China, which mainly provides system integration and product services in the field of NUMERICAL control, involving technology of motion control, test and measurement, machine vision, industrial automation software development and embedded system design.

CypCut planar cutting software is a set of software specially designed for laser cutting industry, which is easy to use, rich in functions and suitable for various processing occasions.

◆ Automatic optimization of imported graphics: when importing external files, the original image will be automatically optimized;

◆ Simple and clear process Settings: After importing the graphics, you can quickly set the lead, micro connection, compensation and other processes, with batch modification functions, you can quickly complete the entire board process Settings;

◆ Flexible processing control bar: support floating coordinate system and workpiece coordinate system, skills to meet the requirements of flexible production, can also facilitate the implementation of mass production;

◆ Abundant local statistics: abundant and timely statistics can be provided for the use of machine tools;

◆ Accurate edge finding assistance: support photoelectric edge finding and capacitor edge finding, quickly correct deviation Angle of plate;

◆ Double-drive deviation self-correction: the use of the gantry synchronization function, each return to the origin will correct the deviation of the double-drive shaft.

PIC system

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a relatively complex digital system.Designed for use in industrial environments.Zhi it is mainly used to control switch quantity, including control parameters, logic control, electromechanical motion control or process control and other industrial control areas of the new industrial control device.