Laser Cutting Machine Current Failure

The main reason for the low input ac voltage of the plasma cutting machine is that the power consumption facilities in the field are large, and the main return element of the laser cutting machine fails, which will cause the input ac voltage to be too low.The installation location of plasma cutting machine should be far away from large electrical equipment and places where electrical interference often occurs.In the process of use, please regularly clean the dust and dirt on the components in the cutting machine, and check whether the wires are aging.The occurrence of the above phenomenon directly leads to the cutting current is too low to punch and cut.Users can first check whether the network inserted by the laser tube cutter has enough carrying capacity and whether the specifications of the power cord meet the requirements.

It is usually not possible to obtain the arc column voltage by adjusting the gas flow rate and increasing the electrode shrinkage rate, but the arc column voltage cannot exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise the plasma arc will become unstable.In addition, the plasma cutting power supply must have a high enough no-load voltage to enable easy arc initiation and steady burning of the plasma arc.The no-load voltage is usually 120-600v, and the arc column voltage is usually half of the no-load voltage.Increasing the voltage of the arc column can significantly increase the power of the plasma arc, thus increasing the cutting speed and cutting the metal plate of greater thickness.

Increasing the cutting current of the laser cutting machine can increase the power of the plasma arc, but it will be limited by the maximum allowable current. Otherwise, the plasma arc column will become thicker, the gap width will increase, and the electrode life will be shortened.The current control of laser cutting machine is mainly embodied in the control of voltage.