Laser Cutting Machine Water Cooling

There are many laser equipment, today focus on the introduction of laser cutting machine.Laser cutting machine in the process of running, the fiber laser will produce a certain quantity of heat, if not timely for fiber laser cooling, to cause a decline in cutting the quality of the product, or even damage the lasers, and laser cutting machine can use water for cooling, cooling way according to our experience of laser cutting machine in the best cooling temperature is 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, and the different power laser equipment, the use of water-cooled cooling schemes are also different.

After several years of continuous development, water cooling technology and technology more mature, basically can solve the heat dissipation needs of most of the laser instruments on the market.Laser instruments are mostly used in industrial processing, most of which work for a long time, so they are faced with the problem of heat dissipation.Under the working conditions of long time, the heat dissipation rate of air cooling decreases rapidly, and the operation of the machine cannot be guaranteed completely.Dongyuan xinrui cooling co., LTD. Applied the water-cooling scheme to the laser equipment, which greatly solved the defective products caused by the heat dissipation problem of the equipment, and improved the working efficiency of the laser cutting machine, as well as the finished products