Laser Cutting Plays A Prominent Role In Modern Manufacturing Industry

The laser beam parameters, the function and precision of mechanical and numerical control system of laser cutting machine directly affect the efficiency and quality of laser cutting.The smaller the focal length of the focusing lens, the smaller the diameter of the central spot.Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine with fiber laser as the light source.

Gemma laser cutting machine manufacturer is a high-tech company dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions to users around the world.Similarly, the cut surface cut with an electronic pulse laser has a clear upper and lower part.The difference is that the pattern on the upper part of the e-pulse laser cutting surface corresponds to the frequency of the electronic pulse: the higher the frequency, the higher the frequency of the electronic pulse, the more accurate the pattern and the smaller the external frequency.The fineness and finish of the cutting surface are related to the cutting speed.

With the development of metal processing industry, the advantages of laser cutting machine are more and more obvious, and the proportion of laser cutting machine is more and more important.

The laser cutting machine is suitable for the electric industry thin plate parts cutting and the installation of complete electrical parts, suitable for the double motor double transmission and helical gear rack transmission, under the condition of high speed cutting, guarantees the good cutting precision, is 1~4mm thick thin plate processing good cutting object.

Due to dirty or damaged lens, optical deviation is serious, at this time it is necessary to clean or replace the lens.Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine which takes fiber laser as the light source and adjusts the optical path at a new Angle.Using laser equipment to cut 1:1 hole is a good solution.The larger the aperture, the better the cutting effect.The optical fiber laser cutter feels appropriate and USES the optical fiber laser generator as the light source of the laser cutter.When the laser cutter is insufficient to cut the holes, irregular round holes and too many breakpoints occur.In the electrical products of laser cutting machine, laser welding parts account for more than 30% of the whole parts.

Laser Non-Absolute Laser Cutting Machine Analysis Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine with fiber laser as the light source.Smooth cutting surface: laser cutting surface without burr, can cut all kinds of thickness of the board, and the section is very smooth, no secondary processing can produce high-grade food machinery;Secondly, material saving: laser processing feels appropriate, and the use of computer programming to customize substandard products, greatly improving the utilization of materials, reduce the production cost of food machinery.