Metal Laser Cutting Machines Shine At The Fair

1. Automatic loading and unloading system of exchange platform DT-FE3015ALG

This machine was developed according to the market demand.The whole process of automatic production, such as automatic plate layering, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic discharging and laser cutting, can be realized through the robot motion controller, which can effectively guarantee the product quality, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.The whole system has a good interface for easy operation.The system is composed of a FE3015 laser cutting machine, ALH300 laser feeding and unloading robot, a feeding platform, an 8-layer solid feeding warehouse and a feeding trolley

2. Automatic laser cutting machine T6020HA for feeding pipe

Metal laser cutting machine

This machine is an automatic tube feeding laser cutting machine, adding a feeding and unloading mechanism on the basis of the ordinary tube laser cutting machine, which can realize automatic cutting of tubes in batch without human intervention.The feeding pipe diameter is 20-220mm, the length is 6m, the hopper bears 4t, the maximum weight of a single pipe is 380kg, the first feeding time is about 35s, the cycle feeding time is about 15s, feeding support square pipe, rectangular pipe, round pipe, waist pipe, cutting also support Angle steel, channel steel, I-steel and other shaped pipe.Equipped with BACCu 5000 bus system + independent PLC system, the system interaction is stable, multiple security protection.

3. Fully enclosed exchange platform optical fiber laser cutting machine DT-FE3015HS

Metal laser cutting machine

Intelligent cutting NUMERICAL control system, realize automatic exchange platform, automatic edge search, automatic focus, automatic cutting, convenient and fast, improve the processing efficiency;

Equipped with high performance fiber (3KW - 15KW), stable performance, support cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet and other metal sheet

4. Plate laser cutting machine F3015T

Fiber optic metal laser cutting machine

Optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut both plate and profile (including square pipe, round pipe, channel steel, Angle steel, etc.);Can not only cut carbon steel, but also cut stainless steel;One machine multi-purpose, high cost performance.The bed adopts cast iron bed, pinion and rack transmission system, professional CNC system for pipe cutting, high precision, complete function, easy to use and easy to operate

5. Hand-held laser welding machine

Hand-held laser welding machine

1. Laser welding can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding and sealing welding for thin wall materials and precision parts

2. High laser power, high depth-width ratio, small heat affected area, small deformation and fast welding speed.

3. The weld quality is high, smooth and beautiful, without pores, and the toughness of the welded material is at least equal to that of the parent material

4. Human body design, LCD display, centralized button operation more simple

5. Four-dimensional ball screw table, using imported servo control system, optional rotating table, can realize spot welding, straight line welding, circular welding and other automatic welding, wide range of application, high precision, fast speed.

6. The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different waveform can be set according to different welding materials to make the welding parameters match the welding requirements, so as to achieve the best welding effect