Principle And Application Of Annealing Process Of Laser Cutting Machine

Most users pay more attention to the annealing process when they buy the laser cutting machine, because the annealing process is conducive to the stability of the performance of the laser cutting machine.So what is the annealing process of laser cutting machine?Presumably this is also a very concerned about the problem, the following is xiaobian some insights.

In the purchase of laser cutting, we pay more attention to the laser cutting machine configuration, in the selection of a good laser at the same time, we also pay attention to the choice of machine tool, good machine tool for cutting precision and stability plays an important factor.Therefore, the manufacturing process of machine tool plays an important role in the assembly of laser cutting machine.

Generally, in order to increase the stability of laser cutting machine, steel structure will be used to cast the whole bed, and also need annealing process.

Explanation of annealing process:

The so-called annealing process is to heat steel to a specific high temperature and keep the temperature for a period of time, and then let it slowly cool, this is called annealing.The annealing of steel is a heat treatment method that heats the steel to the temperature where the phase change or partial phase change can occur, and then slowly cools the steel after the heat preservation.

Purpose of annealing process:

The purpose of annealing is to reduce the structure defect, improve the structure to make the composition uniform and refine the grain, increase the mechanical property of the steel and reduce the residual stress.At the same time, it can reduce the hardness, increase the plasticity and toughness of laser cutting machine, and improve the machining performance.Therefore, annealing is not only to reduce the organizational defects and internal stress caused by previous processes, but also to prepare for subsequent processes.

Annealing process is one of the processes to increase the service life of laser cutting machine, which can increase its own physical properties and make the laser cutting machine produce high quality.

The annealing process of laser cutting machine is such, it can also very well extend the service life of laser cutting machine, so it is welcomed by everyone