Research On High Efficiency Fast Moving High Precision Laser Cutting Technology Innovation

Laser cutting with high precision and high efficiency, and strong adaptability and other characteristics have been widely applied to the relevant production, processing, cutting and manufacturing industry.

At present, in the field of laser cutting, ordinary linear positioning equipment although has certain accuracy, but with the continuous development of industrial technology, has been cutting accuracy requirement of the product and technology demand is higher and higher, with no feedback measurement device of the precision of the ordinary linear positioning equipment encountered bottleneck, it is difficult to adapt to the current product accuracy requirements.

To sum up, this project is a special research and development aimed at the problems in the existing technology. The purpose is to provide a laser cutting device with high precision and fast movement, which can improve the efficiency and cutting quality of laser cutting and meet the demand of the current cutting industry for product quality.

Core technologies:

Fast moving a high precision laser cutting equipment, including laser cutting platform, laser beam and machine vision detection device, the laser beams including the fixed beam main body, in the main beam is equipped with laser head, around the laser cutting platform is equipped with four pneumatic positioning fixture, the pneumatic positioning fixture set on a mobile platform, the mobile platform equipped with translation agencies, below the translational mechanism consists of two vertical overlap is set with a linear encoder linear guide;The laser cutting platform is arranged under the main body of the laser machining beam, and the machine vision detection device is arranged on the main body of the beam, and the side of the laser machining head.


1, by setting the laser cutting platform, mobile platforms and pneumatic positioning fixture, place to the workpieces in laser cutting platform and by pneumatic positioning fixture rapid positioning and fixed, through mobile platform promoting laser cutting platform and artifacts in the laser cutting platform of mobile, fixed beam laser head on the main body of work, the workpiece cut into the shape of a book, flexibility;

2. Move the linear encoder set in the platform and adopt the lead screw drive to make the laser cutting platform move accurately in the plane and improve the cutting precision of the workpiece;

3. Use a camera to track the path movement of the workpiece and the moving platform located under the main body of the beam, compare the actual moving path of the workpiece with the preset path of the system, and timely find out the abnormality and send out an alarm to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product.

Technical indicators:

1, including laser cutting platform, laser processing beam and machine vision detection device;

2. The number of pneumatic positioning fixtures: 4;

3. Driving mode: screw;

4. Position detection control: linear encoder;

5. Position detection: grating;

6. Detection method: camera;

7. Number of straight rails: 2, vertical overlap setting;

8. Power supply: 220/380v.

Economic benefits:

After the production of the fabric laser cutting and stacking device developed by this project, the annual sales revenue will be more than 6 million yuan.

The implementation of this project has improved the production process and production technology, so that the production efficiency and product quality can be improved and guaranteed. The r&d of this project is that the production efficiency can be improved by more than 10%, the cutting quality and accuracy can also be improved, and the product qualification rate can be improved by more than 3%.