Tips For Making The Surface Of Laser Cutting Machine Smoother

In fact, the use of laser cutting machine is a lot of skills, if you do not follow the normal method of use in the process of application, it is basically difficult to ensure its stable operation, if you want to improve its work efficiency, but also in the use of a lot of skills to apply, specific as follows:

The incision width of arc cutting of laser cutting machine is 1.5~2 times wider than that of oxy-acetylene cutting.The thickness of the plate in the 25mm stainless steel or aluminum, can be used to cut small current plasma arc, the flatness of the incision is very high, especially the cutting thickness of the plate less than 8mm, you can cut small edges and corners, even without processing can be directly welded, which is difficult to get by the large current plasma arc cutting.This provides convenience for irregular curve blanking and irregular hole cutting.

The planeness of the cutting surface refers to the spacing between the highest and lowest points of the cutting surface measured and the two parallel lines made in the direction of the inclination of the cutting surface.In order to ensure the uniform cutting width of high energy ion arc cutting, the numerical control cutting machine needs to consider the comprehensive analysis of various parameters.This involves cutting material material, various metal content ratio and cutting process cutting torch height grasp.Under normal conditions, a melting layer of 0.25~3.80mm thick exists on the plasma arc incision surface, but the chemical composition of the incision surface does not change.

Laser cutting machine is the use of plasma arc through the material surface to achieve the cutting effect, the plasma arc is often cut from the upper part of the incision than the lower part of more metal, so that the incision end face is slightly inclined, the upper edge is generally square, but sometimes slightly circular.The distance between the two cutting surfaces on the upper edge of the incision may be caused by the cutting beam.In the case of melting of the upper edge of the incision, the distance between the two cutting surfaces immediately below the melting layer is abnormal.

For example, when cutting aluminum alloy containing mg5%, although there is a 0.25mm thick melting layer, but the composition has not changed, there is no oxide.Dense welds can also be obtained by direct welding of the cut surface.When cutting stainless steel, chromium carbide will not be separated along grain boundary because the hot zone passes the critical temperature of 649℃ soon.Therefore, cutting stainless steel with plasma arc will not affect its corrosion resistance.

According to the above method can be very good use of laser cutting machine, generally after there is no need to worry about the problem of uneven machining surface