Vertical Adjustment And Self Repair Function Of Laser Cutting Machine Processing

In a literal sense, the so-called laser cutting machine cutting surface flatness refers to the distance between the highest point and the lowest point on the cut surface of the measured part, and the surface of two parallel lines according to the slant direction of the cut.

Large gantry CNC cutting machine

If the welded surface is directly welded, a compact weld can be obtained.When cutting stainless steel, chromium carbide does not precipitate along grain boundaries because the critical temperature of 649℃ is rapidly exceeded in the heating zone.Using a laser tube cutter to cut stainless steel will not affect its corrosion resistance.In other words, slag residue in the allowable range will not affect the physical properties of the cutting material, but in order to reduce the thickness of slag, can be achieved by adjusting the working gas pressure and cutting laser pipe cutter.Torch cutting speed.

Generally speaking, after processing by laser cutting machine, the thickness of molten layer on the cutting surface is about 0.25 to 3.80mm.The residual chemical composition of the slag of this thickness is consistent with that of the material itself, including the chemical composition of the section.For example, when we cut and process aluminum alloys containing magnesium, if the magnesium content is 5%, the magnesium content in the composition of the slag will remain unchanged after the analysis of residual slag, even if the residual slag thickness reaches 0.25mm.It has no oxide present.

Self - repair function of laser cutting machine

After the surface of the plain bearing is ground and damaged, the selected maintenance plan shall be repaired using the stone cutter method.After grinding and damaging the two half tile plain bearings, the shims can be thined and reassembled, and the inner holes of the ground bushing can be scraped to achieve the desired accuracy and can be used after maintenance.In general, the plain bearing has a margin for adjustment and maintenance, which can meet the maintenance cycle of the laser cutting machine.If the study injury is severe and cannot meet the maintenance requirements, it may be necessary to consider replacing it.

If the journal is repaired by means of a laser cutting machine, the effect of the welding process on the geometric accuracy, mechanical strength and surface hardness of the shaft must be considered.After journal repair, it is usually necessary to reconfigure journal as plain bearing (or shaft sleeve).

When the journal is damaged, the method of grinding the journal and replacing the plain bearing can be used.However, the grinding of the journal should not be too large, such as the spindle of the machine tool, the grinding amount should not exceed the journal surface quenching or carburizing, nitriding, cyanide and the hardness of the journal surface after grinding should not be lower than the original design lower limit;For the drive shaft, the journal shall be no less than the size of the front journal or boss in the assembly direction during assembly