Why Do Building Models Use Laser Cutting

Architectural design with laser cutting machine can bring the most creative imagination into life. Compared with traditional methods, using Sketchup, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and other 3D modeling software can speed up the model making process and build excellent projects, while saving a lot of time.

Laser technology is flexible enough to cut or shape any type of material used to make building models, such as wood, paper, MDF, foam, PMMA, decorative panels, cardboard, polystyrene, textiles, and many other materials.

Compared with traditional scissors, laser cutting takes less time, and the process is made simple and fast by designing programs.

There is no need to worry about the thickness, shape and design requirements of the material, because it can all be done with a single tool, the laser, and it would be costly to buy and maintain so many tools in the machine.

The laser cutting process is very precise and does not produce shavings from the material - which can be quite expensive to process.

The combination of laser cutting and digital technology allows even small, home-based businesses to create anything.No matter how complex your imagination is, you can turn it into reality without the help of any other tool.Complex designs, such as filaments and other geometric shapes, can only be precisely cut with a laser.With this major advantage, the best design can be created.

Using laser cutting techniques to create very precise and complex geometries, exterior wall structures and sculptural structures are best achieved without post-processing.It is important to note that manual processing of milling edges is expensive and time-consuming, and can result in complete material damage if not handled properly.Laser cutting is different -- computer programs can do most of the work, without risk, and can save time and money.

Mechanical cutting in the processing before the material must be firmly clamped, which is also very high requirements on the fixture, but laser cutting is much less trouble, because it is no contact processing, no force on the material, so the fixture can be designed very simple.This is very considerable cost - effective for the enterprise.